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The Inventor - calligrapher :

IBN-E-KALEEM Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal Khan Ahsan Nizami IBN-E-KALEEM Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal Khan Ahsan Nizami born in 1946, in an imperial Langah family of Multan, Pakistan, got his primary training of calligraphy from his father Muhammad Hassan Khan Kaleem Raqam “AHSAN-UT-TEHRIR”, who was an outstanding master of calligraphy. His father’s Grandfather Mulana Qaim-u-Din Langah was past master of calligraphy, one of whose master piece, a hand written copy Holy Quran has been on exhibit at the National Meusium Karachi, Pakistan.

Thus is might be said that “IBN-E-KALEEM” was born with a pen in his hand and grew up with midsit of best mode of calligraphy. Very early he picked up the different traditional style of calligraphy but he felt strongly the urge to express himself in a style of his own, that more or less reflect the modern mind sensibility and tradition. Thus the vigorous, jerky, triangular,
ceiling, wrangling and harshly curveting style was invented by him in 1973 which was given the name KHAT-E-RA’ANA’.

IBN-E-KALEEM, not only invented the new style but the also gave immortality to it by assigning the style with the complete rules and principles, due to which this style keeps the significance of being a standard. Moreover he is the master of the seven calligraphic styles “NASKH” “NASTA’LIQ” “THULTH” “KUFI” “RIQAA” “DIVANI” and “KHAT-e-RA’ANA” that is way he is known as “KHATTAT-E-HAFTQALAM”, master of seven calligraphic styles. His journey of calligraphy is continued for the last five decades.

Achievements & Awards :

He has written seven books on calligraphy, teaches his art to those who want to learn.
Shah Khalid Gold Medalist.
“Khattat Haft Qalam”
“Nadir ul Qalam” From: International Commission For Islamic Heritage Turkey.
President Award From: Gen.Ziya ul Haq & Raffique Tarrar.
Hajvari Award from: Prime minister Navaz Sharif
1st Prize for Khat-e-Ra’ana in calligraphy competition in 1987 Pakistan National Council of the Arts Islamabad.
Special & Competition Awards from: First Art Biennale of Pakistan 1987, 5th National Exhibition 1984 Idara Saqafat-e-Pakistan Islamabad, Ghalib Academy New Delhi, Pakistan Public Relations Society Lahore, American Cultural Center Karachi, Rai’zanni Farhang-e-Iran, Goetee Institute Karachi, League of Arab States Arab Cultural Center New Delhi, National Museum Karachi, Punjab Arts Council Lahore, Rawalpindi Arts Council, Abbassin Arts Council Peshawar, National Council of the Arts Baluchistan, Multan Arts Council, Shakir Ali Museum Lahore.

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